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1932: Remus Farms was founded by William F. Remus, his wife Orla, and their three children: William H., Wilma, and Verna. The original 40 acres was farmed by horses and good ol' fashioned manpower. In addition to the usual farm crops of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and hay, the Remus family raised several acres of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they raised cows, chickens, ducks, geese, hogs, and rabbits.

Being the Depression Era, fresh farm commodities were much sought after. The Remus family sold fresh vegetables, live and fresh-dressed poultry, milk, butter, cheese and eggs right off of the back porch of the old farmhouse. If no one was home, a till of money was left for customers to pay and make change for their purchases. To this day, that old farmhouse still stands and is well over 100 years old.

1946: William Henry took over the farming operation from his father. He and his wife Dora carried on the traditional farming practices and began to expand the farm.

1955: A state-of-the-art, caged-layer egg-producing facility was built and the egg business began to grow exponentially, as did the farm fresh vegetables. New items were added, including flats of flowers, potted plants, and hanging baskets that were trucked in and sold on the farm.

William Henry and his wife Dora had four children: Bill, Sue, Randy, and Curtis. Bill and Sue moved onto other careers; Randy joined the Marines; and Curtis went to college.

Late 1960s: Randy and Curtis decided to go into the family business with their father.

1970: The first greenhouse was built. With the growth and expansion of Northwest Indiana, Remus Farms grew at a staggering rate. As more plants and produce were needed, more acres were farmed and more greenhouses were erected.

Today: Remus Farms has over 80 acres of farmable land, a 7-acre garden center consisting of 18 greenhouses, approximately 5 acres of trees, shrubs, and evergreens, and Northwest Indiana's largest selection of rare and unusual perennials. The country store and farm market are managed by Kurt Mathew Remus, a 4th generation Remus.


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